This simple bread roll formula to make these nostalgic jammy treats – in light

Hand crafted Jammy Dodger BISCUITS-EGGLESS!

Hand crafted Jammy Dodger Biscuits sandwiched with raspberry jam.This simple bread roll formula to make these nostalgic jammy treats – in light of the fact that home heated is consistently bes

This formula is so natural and It requires just three fixings!

Here is the thing that you will need….


1½ cup maida

5 tbsp cold spread

½ cup consolidated milk

Touch of Salt

250g Cherry Jam


✔To make the roll mixture, join cold margarine and flour in a bowl. Utilizing your fingers, separate margarine solid shapes into the flour and continue to do it till you arrive at a sandy consistency.

Include dense milk in clumps and unite the batter. When consolidated, cover the bowl and chill it in the cooler.

✔Once the roll batter has chilled, begin preheating your broiler at 180 degree Celsius for 10 mins.

✔Now rolling the roll batter, move it to about a large portion of an inch thick, in the middle of two material sheets and utilizing a cutout, cut out singular bread rolls and keep the overabundance mixture aside.

✔Now utilizing the rear of a funneling tip, cut out a little place from half of the bread rolls. These will be the top rolls of our jim sticks and will permit space for the jam filling.

✔Bake these for 10-12 minutes or until brilliant earthy colored on the edges.

✔Let them chill off totally and its ready😊😊





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